Hiring a boat or bringing your boat to Tremerlin

Tremerlin is the perfect base to explore the Helford River from. With the Quay only a short walk from the Apartment it's easy to spend your whole day on the River. Just make sure you are aware of the tides, as the Quay is dry at low tide.

We also have a mooring that is available to our visitors, please be aware that you do need a dingy as well to get you from the Quay to your mooring.

Hiring a boat

Sailaway at St. Anthony have a selection of boats to suit your needs. Please have a look at their website for further details. For £5 either way they will also deliver and collect your hired boat to our mooring.

Bringing your own boat 

Due to the slope to the Slipway and Quay being very steep we do advise that you attempt to launch small dinghies only, and preferably by walking the trailer down, not driving. Especially in wet weather the road can be very dangerous. Greg is also in the process of restoring his small yacht on the Quay, which makes maneuvering very difficult.

Sailaway at St. Anthony are very easy to get to, and you can launch your boats there and then bring them round to Tremerlin.  Launching charges can be found on their website, St. Anthony, and they would prefer that you give them a call to book a slot as it can sometimes get a bit congested around high tide.  Their number is 01326 231 357 

 Where is our Mooring

When you stand on the end of the Quay almost in front of the boathouse and look towards the opposite side of the river, the mooring is about 15 - 20 metres away.  There are two very close to each other, ours is the one with the smaller buoy.  I am still awaiting the confirmation of the number on the buoy, and will update it as soon as I know.